The Standards

We live in an era in which strength is no longer a necessity, but a choice. Technology has reduced the need for strength to near-obsolescence. Our society provides for its members, who no longer need to build homes by hand, hunt for food or fend off predators. We have more gyms and supplements than ever, yet we seem to be getting weaker, and our strength is supplemented by battery-operated devices that provide what we think we “need.”

However, we still have a valuable tool in our arsenal: choice. Embrace this tool, and your power becomes limitless. To be or not to be is the question that gnaws at our personal psyche. Do you choose strength or weakness? If you decide physical and mental strength, it is because you believe that greatness resides in the best version of yourself. Choosing strength is a power commitment. It projects to the world how much we honor the only thing we are guaranteed to live and die with our bodies. If, in the face of all our obstacles, internal and external, we can build our body into the powerful and vigorous specimen it was meant to be, there is no limit to what we can accomplish in any field of our lives.

The Virtues of Virtus are designed as a right of passage, a representation to symbolize the conversion of one who is weak into a mental and physical barbarian. The process below has nothing to do with stature, sex, or creed. It is an initiation that once passed will leave you accomplished and part of a select few. For those of you who can stand in completion, you’ll join an elite tribe. You’ll be able to acknowledge your brethren for you have all suffered and sacrificed, trusting that you will become a better man or woman for having done so.

Outlined below are the virtues we use to bond strangers into mastery of their selves.