We are a private training facility that utilizes several methodologies anchored in science-based training to improve all aspects of the body, including strength, proprioception, reflexes, balance, coordination, focus, and neuromuscular efficiency. By looking at the body through a bigger and interconnected lens, we see old injuries improve, strength increase, body fat decrease, and overall health markers improve.

Since 2008, we have been continually evolving a program that encompasses a broad range of movements and methodologies that are often overlooked by personal trainers and coaches in this industry. We don’t see parts of the body (and brain) operating in a vacuum, and every piece plays a role in the overall picture. One such example would be addressing foot and toe health. The feet play a massive roll in the health of all the joints above them, as well as creating power and torque. Whether you suffer from hip pain or you want to throw a harder right hook, the feet will play a crucial role.

Our group training is limited to eight people per team. We focus on every individual to make sure intensity and form is on point and you get the attention you deserve.

The old model of running yourself into the ground and thinking injuries are “normal and inevitable” is dead. From the eyes down to the toes, there are links that can be improved and addressed. We at The Virtus Strength club have learned from some of the best in regards to health and fitness, and now we are passing our knowledge on to you. The clock is ticking, schedule your free consultation today.

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Group Training

We limit our group training to teams of eight. This allows us to monitor your progress and give you attention overcrowded gyms cannot. Our small team concept builds camaraderie and a strong community.


Accountability is a pillar of our club. Each team works together to hold its mates to a high standard of accountability.

If you're afraid of work, and love excuses, this place should be avoided. I travel a TON, so it's awesome that my workouts are still sent to me and communication and goals are still met while on the road.

Shayna BaszlerWWE NXT Womens Champion

Erik is really skilled/gifted/equipped to get athletes to the next level and see deficiencies that need fixing. I have needed this my whole career.

Helen Maroulis2016 Olympic US Freestyle Gold Medalist

Absolutely the BEST diet and workout program. Erik is AMAZING - the workouts are challenging, coaches know what they are doing and it's a great team environment to workout in - everyone supports and pushes each other. I am a 56 year old woman, mother and full time employee for a company. I walked into Virtus weighing 340#. I have lost over 100# and am now off my high blood pressure medication because Virtus works if you commit! Virtus is absolutely life changing!!!"

Vicki Sosa

Honestly, this place is the epitome of a perfect place to train. Challenging, motivating and fun. All the benefits of having a personal trainer but in a motivational group setting

Jennnifer Shehata

Virtus is an amazing gym. The coaches know their stuff and are truly dedicated to the success of their clients. The workouts are always changing so things never get stale. It is a great team environment and I look forward to training everyday. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone that has a desire to be better, not only physically, but in life in general.

Matt Saverino

While I was training here, I felt just as good if not better than when I was training in high school and college. The program is well thought out as to not overwork (unless intended) muscle groups causing injury. Its life training, not just weight training. The staff here will give you all the 1 on 1 you need to bring you to your A game and help you. this is not a class of 1 coach and 130 students, all classes are VERY small and intimate allowing for real interaction between coach and student

Kelly Newman