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Mamba Mentality??

By January 29, 2020 No Comments

Since Kobe Bryant’s unfortunate death, I have seen numerous posts from mourning fans, and it is incredible to see how one man can impact so many. Its a credit to Mr. Bryant’s talent and legacy. His accomplishments in the sport of basketball have inspired people on a worldwide spectrum.
And as the social media posts keep rolling in, I have noticed one hashtag in particular. #MambaMentality. I see this hashtag attached to photos that capture a moment that is anything but mamba mentality. I would debate that Kobe’s colossal impact was due to his work ethic and way of thinking and not necessarily his accomplishments on the court. Without those two weapons in his arsenal, Kobe would be a good player, but not the teammate, leader and all-time great that you admire and respect. To clarify, you should be admiring his mind, work ethic, dedication, and discipline.

If you want to honor the man, then elevate your game. No need to tell anyone what you’re up to, just get it done. In most cases, people will detour you from accomplishing your goal anyways, so keep it yourself and do it for yourself. If you want to buy into the #mambamentality, then you better be ready to give more to your craft than you believe possible. Can you exceed Kobe’s work ethic in your chosen profession? What would happen if you did? How would you elevate your game and everyone else around you? Think about it.


John has run a marathon on every continent, climbed Machupicchu in his 80’s and done a whole host of other cool shit that I have to pry out of him during our conversations. Keep your eyes and ears open, inspiration is all around you but a lot of times we only seem to find it on the grand stages of sport and Hollywood


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