Laura Anderson

Hi guys, my name is Laura Anderson and I’m one of the coaches here at Virtus Training club. I am currently pursuing a professional career in MMA while also pursuing a masters in Integrative  Functional Nutrition. One of my greatest passions is human development and the idea or quest of “becoming”.  All of my career choices propel me to become the best coach, fighter, and student. And this is exactly what I’m here to do for all of you who apart of the club. I am here to hold space for you. I am here to help you become anything you want and need. I consider our gym sacred grounds where you are allowed to come as you are while we (all the coaches) help you become anything you desire. Whether you come to let let loose from work, to be social with your friends, to lose weight or get stronger and fit-  we are here for all of it. Evolving is difficult, human development can be tricky, but that is what life is about. Finding your tribe, sticking with them, and letting them help when needed. For me, to coach you is an honor, being able to see you grow excites me, and doing all of it together as a club fills my heart. Thank you for reading, now let’s get started!