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Tugs Arctic Hooper and Arctic Nutsukpok handle drydocking supply vessel Ikaluk in Arctic ice in 1984

BC shipyards today represent the modern face of an ancient industry - and an industry with a proud history of accomplishment in this province.

BC shipyards currently employ about 1,500 workers in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Victoria, Alberni and Nanaimo.

How much economic impact does BC Ferries work have on the provincial shipbuilding industry?

A recent study conducted for the Federation found that $175 million spent in BC on ferry refits and a small new vessel over the next five years would bring benefits that include 1,500 person years of employment, a $78 million increase in household income, a $101 million increase in provincial GDP, and a $32 million return to government revenues.

And it is estimated that BC Ferries needs to spend about $1.1 billion over the next 15 years to build 18 new ferries.

That's thousands more jobs and millions in tax revenues to governments — but only if the work is kept here in BC.