Body Fat Testing


The Virtus Strength Club has partnered with Fit 3D to bring you accurate and trusted ways to track body fat, measurements, and posture. The results provided by the Fit 3D allow us to write you a custom nutritional plan, correct imbalances, and track your progress. So don't wait. Book your free health assessment today and receive a free Fit 3D Body Scan.

Posture & Balance

The use of avatars on the Fit3D platform makes it very easy to assess & track posture changes over time. Quantitatively we track four values across your midline at critical points.

The feature itself is an excellent tool for showing our members their posture, which allows the coaches to correct old injuries and help prevent new ones. You may “feel better,” but it’s a very powerful moment when we can show you the change over time.

This photo is an actual member. We used this analysis to assign a series of movements as part of his warmup. His progress was made training two times a week for just over 90 days. These corrections have aided in rehabbing old nagging injuries.

Track Weight Loss, Body Comp, & Posture

The comparison overlay feature shows how you compare to yourself! You can see the new you vs. the old you.

Accurate & Trusted Reporting

· Body fat, lean mass, & posture reports.
· Simple reports online via app and sent to your email.
· Full body circumference measurements.