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My internal dialogue or mental chatter in regards to my first post on this forum was exhausting. I grappled with what to write for a few days. In the end, I scrapped my original thoughts and decided to write about the mental chatter that kept my mind busier than it should have been.

We all have mental chatter going within our heads, and the question I had to ask, was how many times a day, week, or year does it slow me down? Asking myself this question leads me to ask all of you. How many times are you slowed down by that voice in your head? And what has it cost you? Has it talked you our of a hard effort, asking for raise, applying a for a job, or even asking out someone you were attracted to?

It is no secret that January is a fantasy month where the slate is supposedly wiped clean, and we get a fresh start. We have all played the game only to find out that the internal dialogue has drowned our will to pursue any meaningful goal. The New Years Resolution merry-go-round will always be there until it isn’t. I hope you decide to get off that ride before the grim reaper pulls you from it.

If your chatter is louder than your will, then send me a message. I have a solution and a plan.

Before I conclude this post, I would like to thank all of you that have made this gym what it is. I decided the context, but the standard is kept by those that have stepped through the door. Whether you realize or not, you have contributed to me as a coach. Thank you -Erik

Jerome Le Banner and I trade thoughts about mentality and competition at a temple in Osaka Japan


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