The Virtus

Strength Club


 The Virtus Strength Club

We are a private training facility that utilizes several methodologies anchored in science-based training to improve all aspects of the body, including strength, proprioception, reflexes, balance, coordination, focus, and neuromuscular efficiency. By looking at the body through a bigger and interconnected lens, we see old injuries improve, strength increase, body fat decrease, and overall health markers improve.

Since 2008, we have been continually evolving a program that encompasses a broad range of movements and methodologies that are often overlooked by personal trainers and coaches in this industry. We don’t see parts of the body (and brain) operating in a vacuum, and every piece plays a role in the overall picture. One such example would be addressing foot and toe health. The feet play a massive roll in the health of all the joints above them, as well as creating power and torque. Whether you suffer from hip pain or you want to throw a harder right hook, the feet will play a crucial role.

The old model of running yourself into the ground and thinking injuries are “normal and inevitable” is dead. Our methods have been trusted by fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, Olympians, professional athletes, collegiate athletes, and beginners of all ages. The clock is ticking, schedule your free consultation today.